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Sights and museums in Merano

Discover culture, experience Merano

Numerous cultures have left their legacy over time, and today make up the evocative sights of the town.
The popular must-sees and museums in Merano are as diverse and varied as the landscape.

A touch of the Middle Ages

Castle Tyrol, the princely castle ...
No matter in which direction where you look, you can see palaces and castles in Merano, centuries-old relics.
The medieval buildings take you on a journey through time and recount the exciting and turbulent history and times of long ago.

Castles and mansions
Museums in and around Merano

Pablo Picasso once said: "Art is the best way to understand world culture."
You won't find Picasso's works here, but you will find numerous museums in Merano and the surrounding area for culture, history and the pure appreciation of beauty.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Even Empress Sissi knew that Merano was a slice of heaven.
With its huge variety of plants and plants, the botanical garden is one of the most popular destinations in Merano.
In addition to the gardens, the Touriseum also provides an exciting insight into the history of tourism in South Tyrol.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
Immerse yourself. Submerge. Relax.

Healing water, soothing warmth.
Terme Merano is a place of well-being for young and old and, in addition to many different pools, it offers a large sauna area where you can totally relax.

Terme Merano